Canadian Labour Force Sees Major Boost

35,000 Canadian Jobs Added in December

After a few months of little change for employment, Canada’s job growth saw a major boost in the final month of 2019. Employment increased by 35,000, or 0.2%, with the majority of this growth in full-time work.

Most of the jobs created were in the accommodation, food services and construction sectors. The provinces of Ontario and Quebec saw the most growth, followed by Manitoba and Prince Edward Island.

Year-end Review for Canadian Employment

December’s employment gains rounded out the year’s total number of jobs created to 320,000, or 1.7%, and was the second largest annual gain since 2007. In comparison, the previous year had an overall job growth of 1.1%. Furthermore, in May, the national unemployment rate declined to 5.4%, a record low since comparable data became available in January 1976. The end of 2019 saw an unemployment rate of 5.6%, a drop from 5.9% in November.

Ontario saw the largest employment growth in 2019, accounting for 243,000 new jobs. This included increases in a number of industries: professional, scientific and technical services, as well as health care and social assistance. The second largest growth was seen in Quebec where employment increased by 63,000, mainly within the realm of full-time work. The gains were among youth aged 15 and 24 and people aged 55 and over.

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